Brian D. East Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

I can’t express enough how great Daniel was! You can tell that he’s passionate about what he does and he does a great job. 

First off, he’s a professional. We scheduled an appointment for 3PM and he notified me that he was going to be late. He arrived at 3:05PM. Most mobile services that I’ve used are not as considerate. I really appreciated that he did that. We were able to set everything up via Yelp and text.

I personally like to keep my car immaculate. I wash my car frequently. I don’t cheap out on soap. And yet, he was able to get my car to a level of clean that I haven’t seen since I first bought the car! It’s honestly amazing what he can do. He also noticed that my interior was already very clean and did not require a lot of work, so he decided to do a bit extra on the outside. 

His passion is very apparent when I speak to him. He told me that he enjoys it when people watch him work because it gives him an opportunity to connect to his clients and for him to talk us through what he’s doing. I was really impressed.

More importantly. Daniel is a wealth of knowledge. He walked me through how he did the clay-bar and showed me techniques that I can implement when I want to do a mini-detail myself. He’s literally teaching me his trade! If that doesn’t tell you how confident he is in his work, I don’t know what will!

Overall, I was honestly a bit hesitant with getting a mobile detail, but Daniel put those concerns to rest. You can bet I’m going to refer my family and friends to him and that I’ll be a repeat customer.